About Project Nekton

Project Nekton is a total integrator of lighting solutions where sustainability, comfort and digital innovation go hand in hand. Project Nekton designs, realises and continuously monitors its installations so that quality can be guaranteed at all times during operation.

We resolutely opt for energy-efficient lighting in combination with smart sensors and also offer extra added value in the form of data analysis, specifically targeted at the needs of the customer.

Our installations are future-proof: right from the design stage, we take into account future potential expansions and innovations in a rapidly changing market. Every project is unique and deserves a holistic approach, and Project Nekton is the ideal partner for this.

Vzw Groen Licht Vlaanderen 

Project Nekton is a proud member of Groen Licht Vlaanderen: Groen Licht Vlaanderen vzw is a lighting cluster of more than 70 affiliated organisations. The lighting cluster is recognised by the Flemish Government (VLAIO, Agency for Innovation and Enterprise) as an Innovative Business Network on integrative and connected lighting.