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In order to remain strong in the industry, each process must be closely monitored in terms of cost, comfort and optimum safety >>.


Today, technological evolution and development offers many opportunities to organise our way of living and working differently. We have literally got the world in our hands: we are becoming mobile, borders are blurred and we have the possibility to choose >>


Shopping environments have changed, and so has the role of lighting design. Lighting is no longer purely functional. Technology has turned light into an effective branding and marketing tool, with an enhanced consumer experience as the goal >>


When furnishing hotels, bars or restaurants, the focus is on the experience. Lighting is a crucial factor that shapes the setting and contributes to a great experience >>.

Care & Education

In addition to thermal comfort, acoustics and indoor air quality, good lighting is very important in schools in many different ways >>.

UV-C disinfection

Project Nekton offers UV-C lighting to meet growing demand for disinfection >>